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The following is a representative sample of my work — it is by no means exhaustive of all my clients. For instance, a few clients specifically have asked to be left out of this list for confidentiality or business strategy purposes.

Web Site Copy

RJ’s Tree & Stump Service

Fred Wikkeling

Lincoln Laser Inc.

Applied Satellite Engineering Inc.

MJR Builders

Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

“NurseMatch Staffing”

CDS Racing

CDS Drywall


Boundary Zone Inc.

Disaster Services Inc.

CDS Drywall

Practical Best Management LLC

Email Campaigns

Applied Satellite Engineering Inc.


Boundary Zone Inc.

Flyers / Buckslips

Samuel K Faux Stained Glass

Company Profiles

Innovative Technology Inc.

SpectraLogic Inc.

News Articles

Atlanta Computer Currents Magazine

User Guides

The Coca-Cola Company

Book Ghostwriting

Fred Wikkeling: Look Up! See the Difference