Client: Applied Satellite Engineering

This client used a series of three e-mails to energize 40 existing distributors of its satellite telephone products. Since the client already had a relationship with these individuals, I suggested opening and closing the messages with an informal, newsy tone to play down the salesmanship. The e-mails were timed around an upcoming conference for manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

The first e-mail was sent about six weeks prior to the conference and had two purposes: to remind recipients of ASE’s products and benefits and to introduce the product demo program. The second e-mail was sent two weeks prior to the conference. A product discount attracted distributors to ASE’s booth for face-to-face discussions. The final e-mail was sent a week after the conference to push for sales throughout the distributor network, not just those who attended the event.

Within two weeks of the first e-mail distributors had placed over $40,000 in new orders. The series of three messages has resulted in near-capacity production projected for most of 2006, a 300% increase in sales.

E-Mail Copy:

E-Mail #1

Dear (name),

I thought you might like an update on recent developments at Applied Satellite Engineering. Our fixed station terminals are getting rave reviews. The ASE ComCenter has received praise for both ease of use and voice quality. The ASE Docking Station for handhelds is now available, combining the functionality of a fixed station terminal with the convenience of a portable phone.

Our market research indicates that in networks of four or more handsets, one of these usually is being used in a centralized location. This is a perfect place to use a ComCenter or Docking Station. With innovative features like Smart Dialing, ASE’s fixed station terminals make access to the Iridium network indoors as simple as plugging into the wall. That means avoiding PSTN-to-Iridium calling. Why is this important? Two reasons: Iridium-to-Iridium calling is much cheaper, and in-network call quality is much better.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Our new equipment demo program will put our ComCenter and Docking Station in your hands for a two-week trial period. Let me know the best time for you in the next month and we will schedule your demo. Included with the demo package is a bundle of our latest brochures.

I look forward to seeing you at the SP conference next month. I hope to hear from you soon so you can test-drive our products before then. Either reply to this e-mail or phone to schedule your demo.

Talk to you soon,

Jeff McFarland
Applied Satellite Engineering

PS: Attached to this message is a current price list. You’ll notice that there is an excellent margin for you between SP pricing and MSRP. Customers love our products–you’ll love our profitability.

E-Mail #2

Dear (name),

I am writing to let you know about a pre-show discount on our ComCenter fixed station terminals. We are offering a 10% discount on all ComCenter orders placed before September 25, 2005.

Fixed station terminals play an important role in the Iridium network, and the ComCenter is the best on the market. With industry-leading voice quality and innovative features like SmartDial, the ComCenter makes accessing the Iridium network as simple as plugging into the wall. Even better, with the reduced cost of Iridium-to-Iridium calling, customers who are currently making PSTN-to-Iridium calls will see the ComCenter quickly pay for itself.

Our market research shows that in networks of four or more Iridium handhelds, one of those units usually serves as a base station, relaying information between remote personnel. That central location is a perfect place for a ComCenter or our latest fixed station terminal, the Docking Station, now available for pre-orders. We hope you will come by our booth to learn more about our technology solutions.

See you at the show,

Jeff McFarland
Applied Satellite Engineering

PS: If you haven’t seen our products in person, I encourage you to participate in our equipment demo program. Call or e-mail for more details.

E-Mail #3

Dear (name),

Success is sweet, but not necessarily perfect: our Docking Station has been such a hit with customers that demand has outstripped supply. Currently we are recommending preorders because lead times are extending out to six weeks.

If you haven’t tried a Docking Station for yourself, you need to visit us at upcoming trade shows or join our equipment demo program. Our fixed station terminals (including the Docking Station and ComCenter) play an important role in the Iridium network. As you know, in-network calling is considerably cheaper than Iridium-to-PSTN, plus the voice quality is better. Our terminals give customers the ability to use standard analog equipment (even PBX systems) with the Iridium network, and with innovative features like SmartDial for international calls, connecting to Iridium is as easy as plugging into the wall.

The Docking Station is a perfect add-on for customers who are using an Iridium handset in a centralized location, relaying information between several remote personnel. By docking the handset indoors, the connectivity of the Iridium network is accessible at the desktop. The handset is easily undocked when heading out into the field. The Docking Station offers the best of both worlds to an active Iridium subscriber.

If you’re already offering Docking Stations, you know how quickly they sell. Make sure you pre-order today to meet your sales forecasts.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Jeff McFarland
Applied Satellite Engineering

P.S: I would be glad to discuss our products and marketing support with you. Just call or e-mail for more information.