Client: Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

This client needed to present an air of professionalism, confidence, and competence to sell business consulting services. Because it is easy to fall into the pitfalls of jargon and cliche when writing about consulting, I ensured that SCSI’s Web text was straightforward and fresh. The primary audience for this Web is businesspeople from start-up to small/medium business (SMB) with the goal of becoming more efficient and effective, not necessarily larger. I tailored the unique selling proposition (USP) of “We help you run your company smarter and more profitably” to persuade entrepreneurs and family business owners who were victims of their own success to hire SCSI.

Chris Lake freelance copywriter at cmlStudios wrote all text for the SCSI Web site This website copywriting focused on entrepreneurs interested in growing their business expertise with consulting services

Web Page Copy:

Services Page:

Service & Solutions

One size does not fit all. SCSI provides custom solutions for your specific supply chain needs. Our five-step methodology results in a tailor-made fit for you:

  • Research – We interview both management and staff to understand the current situation; we trace individual business processes to discover the roots of the problems.
  • Analyze – Taking the data collected from the research phase, we determine which areas need improvement most urgently and where investment will be most effective.
  • Recommend – We compare your situation to others we have experienced and utilize the expert opinions of our leaders, partners, and vendors to produce a custom recommendation to fit your company’s needs.
  • Implement – Using both trained staff and technology partners, we implement our recommendations. Implementation also includes orientation and training for your people.
  • Maintain – We do not abandon our clients after roll-out. Every system needs ongoing maintenance to ensure peak performance. Based on the type and complexity of your solutions, we service your systems using an optimal maintenance schedule.

Cooperative Reciprocity

Needs change as businesses grow and evolve. At SCSI we provide solutions that are flexible and expandable. When you are ready for an additional system upgrade, it will fit seamlessly into the previous work we did. Conversely, when we learn of new technology or better methods, we are able to deploy those improvements to previous clients as well as new ones.

Consulting Services:

SCS Consulting Services

What is the largest obstacle to your business’s success? Do you know how to overcome it?

Running a competitive business requires dedication to continuous improvement. At SCSI we are experienced in evaluating, recommending, and implementing solutions tailored to each individual client’s needs.

Some common problems SCSI has solved include:

  • Undefined or ill-defined roles within the organization
  • Unassigned business processes
  • Production bottlenecks
  • Data inconsistencies and accessibility issues

If our analysis shows that an integrated solution is needed, SCSI can spec and recommend packaged software suites, custom-developed software, and Web solutions for your business.

How Does It Work?

We assign a consultant and a project manager to each project and utilize a step-by-step approach that analyzes your business from all angles. After careful research and study, SCSI delivers a comprehensive plan for organization-wide improvement, from business processes to infrastructure. With your approval we will implement our plan and after testing and troubleshooting, we will help train your personnel. Most importantly, we stand behind our work: we will monitor and support your systems after roll-out. From concept to inception, SCSI offers unique benefits to you and your company.

Industry Focus: Distribution

SCSI knows distribution. We can:

  • Reconfigure small distribution facilities
  • Provide conceptual design and start-up assistance for large distribution centers
  • Develop custom solutions for product control and maintenance in your facility
  • Design, spec, install, and support best-of-breed distribution software

Distribution requires special consulting expertise, and SCSI’s experience and knowledge means success for your project, whether it is starting, sharpening, or overhauling a distribution center. We can assist in creating processes and procedures, establishing organizational structures, redesign process flows for maximum throughput, and even develop OSHA-compliant policies that both increase safety and lower your insurance premiums.

Industry Focus: Construction

How closely does this describe you: working six or seven days a week, twelve or maybe more hours a day, struggling to keep up with daily management chores, and wondering where your revenues and bottom line profits are going.

The construction boom has meant extraordinary (and exciting) growth in many small companies, but SCSI has witnessed the management headaches that come with that growth. Fortunately, we can offer solutions that make your life easier and more productive.

The first two areas of improvement to consider are:

  • Assign employee roles and responsibilities to eliminate redundancies and ensure all tasks are accomplished
  • Centralize all company data so that everyone works from the same numbers

By addressing organizational structure and software infrastructure, SCSI has provided construction companies with impressive turnarounds.

We recommend Sage Software’s Master Builder software package (formerly owned by Intuit) for general contractors, subcontractors, and specialty trades, and SCSI is a member of the Master Builder Authorized Associate program. Master Builder includes several modules that help construction companies become more efficient, productive, and profitable, including:

  • Estimating
  • Project/Production Management
  • Accounting
  • Analysis and Reporting

We find Master Builder to fit most of the companies we work with, but SCSI is not an exclusive provider: we will spec and source the systems that best fit your needs.