Client: Applied Satellite Engineering Inc.

This client had developed innovative satellite telephone products and needed to increase its visibility to the market. A second purpose was to get all of the user documentation online for easy access. Since the audience is both technical experts and layman users, the tone needed to be friendly but concise.

Chris Lake freelance copywriter at cmlStudios wrote all text for the ASE Web site This website copywriting increased the company's marketing and delivered technical documentation

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Are you in the office more than you’re in the field? Are you tired of walking outside every time you need to make an Iridium call?

Our research indicates that in environments with four or more satellite phone handsets, at least one is functioning as central base station, gathering and relaying information between remote users. This central base is ideally suited for an upgrade to a fixed station terminal. Not only is a fixed station more convenient, it can actually be cheaper than using a landline since an in-network Iridium call is so much less expensive.

Fixed Station Terminals

We design fixed station terminals for the Iridium satellite network. Our goal is to bring the simplicity and convenience of traditional telephone equipment to satellite phones. Currently we offer two fixed station options: the Docking Station, which makes your Iridium handset work with a regular phone handset, and the ComCenter, an all-in-one phone and station solution for those without an extra Iridium handset. Both the ComCenter and the Docking Station allow you to connect to standard handsets, PBX systems, computers with serial ports, and hands-free headsets.

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