Client: Lincoln Laser Inc.

This client had an existing Web site that was full of information but not organized or designed to sell its products and services effectively. I was hired to streamline the content and put some punch into the text — not the easiest task with a very specialized technical industry.

Freelance marketing copywriter Chris Lake at cmlStudios wrote text for the Lincoln Laser Web site This website copywriting improved existing materials and added new persuasive copy

Web Page Copy:

Services Page:

Engineering & Prototype Services

Lincoln Laser supports innovators around the globe. Our 30 years of experience in laser scanning applications allows us to support cutting-edge innovation across a wide spectrum of industries. Our engineering team comprises optical, mechanical, electronic, and software expertise.

Once your design is ready, we can fabricate a handful of prototypes and manufacture thousands of units in our fully equipped prototype and volume production facility.

We work with engineers, researchers, and scientists at prestigious universities and institutions to supply their unique project needs. We also work with venture capitalists who want to bring entrepreneurial dreams to life.

Some of our recent projects include a revolutionary underwater scanning system, a high-precision polygonal mirror for a one-of-a-kind autonomous land vehicle, a scanning system for testing blood samples, and a scanner for a retina scanning system.

If your project requires engineering expertise and high-precision movement of laser beams, call us today. Take advantage of our three decades of laser scanning experience. You’ll be glad you did.