Client: RJ’s Tree & Stump Service

This family business needed to expand and asked me to help build a Web presence. Using photos and some text provided by the owners, I developed a fresh new site for them. The copy was written to be informative to homeowners but more importantly used key phrases that will help move the site up in the search engines.

Freelance marketing copywriter Chris Lake at cmlStudios wrote all the text for the RJ's Tree and Stump Service Web site This website copywriting described the products and services for a family tree-trimming business in Scottsdale Arizona

Web Page Copy:

Home Page:

Welcome to RJ’s Tree & Stump Service, Inc.

Your trees are important to you and the environment.

They provide essential shade from the blazing Phoenix sun and support the birds and wildlife that help keep insects and other pests in check.

And plain and simple, trees add beauty to your yard. Who wants to live in a neighborhood without trees?

But are you doing enough to keep your trees healthy, ensuring they’ll remain a part of your landscape for years to come?

How Sick Are Your Trees?

Look around your yard. Which of these common problems can you see?

  • Wounds from previous pruning
  • Dead limbs
  • Wilted or discolored leaves
  • Overgrown trees
  • Cracked paving near roots
  • Insect infestations
  • Old, unsightly stumps
  • Trees leaning toward structures

Chances are you’ll find several of these issues, and they need immediate attention. The investment in fertilizing and pruning your mature plants ensures the beauty of your landscape and keeps your curb appeal and property values high. Likewise, the cost of removing a tree is cheap insurance, far less than the price and inconvenience of repairing structural damage when it falls.

Health Starts With Good Nutrition

In our desert region, proper fertilization and watering are essential. Keeping your trees trimmed will prevent unwanted, wasteful growth of limbs that will detract from both the beauty and the health of the plant. A carefully pruned tree will make the most of the precious water you give it through the summer.

Call the experts at RJ’s Tree and Stump Service to give your trees the care they need. We offer a complete menu of services for your landscape:

  • Deep Root Fertilizing
  • Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Chipping

Warning for DIY Landscapers!

Before you run out and buy a chainsaw to try to do it yourself, remember that felling a tree is a dangerous job. Chainsaw and axe injuries are much too common in emergency rooms. Plus, your neighbors will be very upset if you drop a tree on their new car or through their roof.

Trust Our 25 Years of Experience

Believe us, there are plenty of amateurs in business who aren’t that much more experienced than you are. Before you hire one of those random guys who puts flyers on your door, call us. Look at our quarter-century of history and see the success stories. Read what our customers have to say in the green box on the right. Then call 480.945.5545 for a free consultation. When we’re done, you’ll look around your yard and be glad you hired RJ’s to do the job right.