Client: Practical Best Management LLC

This client produces an innovative stormwater cleaning device. This inexpensive tri-fold brochure was designed to target developers and engineers who might purchase PBM’s technology as part of an overall stormwater regulatory compliance program.

At the time this brochure was written, PBM had been in business only a few months and its product was new to the market, so the goal was not only to sell devices, but to raise awareness of the company. Furthermore, water quality regulations were about to change, so the mailings that included this brochure sowed seeds for future business when more property owners and engineers would be affected by the new rules.

In addition to this brochure, I developed several business forms and standard letters for PBM, and also enjoyed some very unusual work: I was co-author of the provisional patent application for the CrystalStream device, in conjunction with one of its inventors.

Chris Lake at cmlStudios did copywriting and layout for this trifold brochure A very technical subject required marketing and sales spin to a specialized audience

Brochure Copy:


Are Best Management Practices Important to You and Your Business? We Can Help.

We are Practical Best Management, a company committed to innovative development and implementation of best management practices for water quality. We offer CWA compliance solutions that are practical and economical.

We understand the immediate need for realistic, cost-effective solutions to BMP regulations. We also know how few viable options exist for property owners, developers, contractors, and engineers.

To fill this need, we have developed CrystalStream™ technology, an active limited-space BMP device to separate debris, sediment, and petroleum products from storm water.

Flap-over Copy:

What is CrystalStream Technology?

CrystalStream is a patent-pending active, limited-space BMP device. The device cleans three categories of contaminants from storm water:

Floatables Debris such as styrofoam cups and cigarette butts are captured in a trash rack at the top of the device.

Sediment As velocity slows, sediment and grit carried by storm water collects in the bottom of the device.

Petroleum Motor oil and other fluids that float on water are skimmed and captured in a reservoir for recovery.

The device has no moving parts, no complex construction, and no maintenance headaches.

The device is easily integrated into new or existing storm sewer systems.

The technology is scalable to meet nearly any flow without risk of failure.

Most importantly, the device treats over 99% of storm water inflow, exceeding all known first-flush regulations.

Inside Copy:

What Are the Benefits of CrystalStream Technology?

Cost-Effective We do not build a one-size-fits-all solution. CrystalStream technology is scalable to meet every site’s specific needs. We quote a price for each unit based on the specific size and materials required.

Custom-Engineered We assist project engineers in sizing and locating our devices for optimal effectiveness. This consulting is included in the cost of the unit.

High Performance CrystalStream technology is designed not to simply meet arbitrary first-flush requirements, but to clean all of the storm water entering the device. We capture over 99% of petroleum products and nearly 95% of silt and grit, where most chemicals and heavy metals are trapped.

Low Maintenance With every device comes a required maintenance agreement. We are one of the only companies who backs up the BMP with regular maintenance schedules. Our crews clean out the device on a quarterly basis (more or less, depending on specific conditions) to ensure the unit is operating properly at all times.

What Else Does Practical Best Management Offer?

Diverse Solutions Not every project needs CrystalStream technology; in fact, the larger the project, the more likely alternative solutions will be required, such as a 48-hour-release water quality pond. In many cases we can recommend combinations of BMPs to provide adequate protections without unreasonable expenditures of capital or acreage.

Jurisdictional Approvals We will assist you in obtaining approval for CrystalStream technology in your jurisdiction. Often government officials understand the federal requirements but have no practical methods for achieving compliance. We bring them a viable solution and demonstrate it convincingly. If your project is stalled for lack of BMP compliance, we can help expedite your development permit.

Continued Commitment Practical Best Management is achieving national recognition as a leader in the industry, and we intend to maintain our leadership through research and development of both active and passive BMPs to better serve our clients.

How Do We Get Started?

Step One: Consultation Our practices are customized to your project. We require consultation with the project engineers to get important site design parameters.

Step Two: Evaluation and Design With data in hand, we will determine the BMPs most suited to your project. Our staff will design your systems and provide drawings and reports required for permitting and installation.

Step Three: Contract Completion Based on the engineer’s acceptance of our design, we will prepare a custom price quotation and maintenance contract for the proposed devices. It is important that this paperwork be completed in a orderly manner to ensure government regulations are satisfied.

Step Four: Installation Your grading contractor will prepare the location for our device in your pipe system. Our crews will install and level the device, and your pipe contractor will grout the inlet and outlet pipes to your system. From this point forward, the BMP is operational.

Step Five: Maintenance Our maintenance crews will inspect your CrystalStream device monthly for three months, and quarterly thereafter to ensure you never have any worries before, during, or after a storm.


For more information about Practical Best Management, CrystalStream™ technology, and our innovative water quality programs, please contact us by telephone, email, or ground mail.

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