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Using Customer Personas

A discussion on another site reminded me of the power of customer personas when writing Web copy. I guarantee that using personas will make it easier to write and turn out better results. What is a customer persona? Simply put, it’s turning your target audience, or ideal customer, into a fictional but fully realistic person. …

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What is Blekko All About?

Despite a name that sounds almost self-parodying, the new Blekko search engine is worth your attention. Currently still in beta testing, Blekko is planning a public debut later this fall. The site seems pretty liberal with beta-testing invites, though, so you might be able to get in early to see what’s coming. Not a Google …

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How to Get Ahead in This Economy

There are thousands upon thousands of blog posts, news articles, and editorials out there analyzing our economic situation (aka mess, morass, debacle). But instead of complaining, now is the time to succeed in spite of it all. Napoleon Hill taught that for every failure there is a seed of equal or greater benefit — therefore, …

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